431: never was a cloudy day

I started Labor Day weekend by staying home the Friday night before the holiday. Instead of mixing and mingling with my fellow Gapers Block contributors, or saying goodbye to Stef with a girls’ night in sleepover, I stayed home. I watched bad television. I went to sleep early. Which is a good thing, as I went to Ikea the next day.

Never mind that I didn’t drive or even navigate to Schaumburg (Jeff and NIte took care of that) — by the time we got home I was simply exhausted. Below is what I had for “breakfast” at Ikea. The Swedes do know their way around some balls. Meatballs, that is.

Meatballs for breakfast!

Meatballs for breakfast!

I couldn’t attend my friend Jen’s wedding on Long Island. I kept her and her man Sam in my thoughts as I spent a lazy Sunday at Nite and Jeff’s. The boys made brunch. We watched television. We attended Thom’s birthday party in the evening. Below is Thom and Byl’s cat, Evelyn “Champagne” King.

Byl and Thom live with a fabulous cat.

Byl and Thom live with a fabulous cat.

The week between Labor Day and this past weekend was short, as I took an extra day off to play hooky with Kathy. We had lunch at Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles. We drove to Oakbrook so Kathy could replenish her work wardrobe. I love the mall, but an outdoor mall on a 90-degree day with, like, 90% humidity? Not so much, but Kathy got some good stuff.

As for this weekend: Saturday was the Brookfield Zoo with Rozi, Andrew, Nathan, Joe, Jacinda, Hyacinth, Jeff, and Khloé. Joe wasn’t able to join us as he had to work, so he missed out on hijinks. Also some really good food like homemade chicken salad (Jeff & Khloé), homemade rice krispie treats (Rozi), and the finest pasta salad Whole Foods has to offer (me). [Flickr]

Its big! Its red! Its a ball!

It's big! It's red! It's a ball!

This is what I did Sunday, September 7:

  1. Woke up at 8:00 am, which is early for me.
  2. Was utterly indolent until 12:00.
  3. Dressed. Walked to Aveda Institute to buy face stuff that is expensive but worth it.
  4. Took bus downtown to Grant Park to see gigantic Red Ball wedged under the Grand Park Underpass.
  5. Walked to Kathy’s from Red Ball. Notice how sweaty. Silently will myself to not smell like a horse.
  6. Drive to nail place to get nails done. NARS Dovima for pedicure, OPI Hand in Hand for manicure.
  7. Starving. Go to California Pizza Kitchen for early dinner.
  8. Kathy drives me home.
  9. Leg cramps are stupid. And yet I must not let them prevent me from walking to Jewel to buy groceries. I am thwarted in my attempt to buy boneless, skin-on chicken breast. Successfully purchase fresh basil, kosher salt, black peppercorns in a grinder, garlic and herb goat cheese.
  10. Limp home to watch VMA’s, which are lame. I abandon the VMA’s for a documentary about two former child beauty pageant contestants. Follow with “Mad Men” (awesome), “Skins” (incredible, makes “Gossip Girl” look like “Romper Room”) and a re-broadcast of the pilot of “Sons of Anarchy”.
    • If you’re not already watching “Mad Men”, you should be. The writing, the cast and crew, all excellent. This may be basic cable but there is nothing basic about this show.
    • “Skins” is just another in a long line of British shows I’ve come to love. I can’t imagine what an American re-make would look like, though I suppose “Gossip Girl” and the re-boot of “90210” are supposed to be worthy counterparts. On a related note, there’s supposed to be another “Degrassi: The Next Generation” movie in the works. Directed by the dude who plays Snake, it would feature Paige going off to Hollywood (“The Toronto of the South”?) in the name of celebrity. Can’t wait. No, really.
    • “Sons of Anarchy” — too soon to tell if I like it, but I found it captivating. Also, the inspired-by-Hamlet biker drama did well ratings-wise and critics-wise, so I’d breathe easy if I were already a fan.

As for tonight, I’m determined to find the correct chicken so I can make dinner tonight. Well, I can make dinner without it, but I want the dinner that I want. The window for chicken with goat cheese and basil can only remain open for so long.


~ by Jasmine on September 8, 2008.

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